Graduation Requirements

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Graduation requirements from the state of Ohio for the Class of 2023 and beyond


Summary of Valley View Local Seals


The graduation paths (requirements) for the classes of 2018 to 2022 include curriculum and three options to show readiness for next steps in college and careers.

Curriculum Requirements

Valley View High School requires all students to take and complete a minimum of 22 required credits.

Subject Credits
English language arts 4 units
Health 0.5 units
Mathematics, must include Algebra II 4 units
Physical education 0.5 units
Science (must include Physical, Life, and an Advanced Science) 3 units
Social studies (must include American History and Government) 3 units
Financial Literacy 0.5 units
Fine Arts 1 unit
Electives 5.5 units
Total Credits Required 22 units

Option 1 – State of Ohio End of Course Exams

Students will participate in State of Ohio End of Course Exams. The exams are: English Language Arts 1, English Language Arts 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, American History and American Government. Each exam is scored between 1 and 5. A student must obtain a cumulative total of at least 18 points as well as the following minimum sub scores: 4 points in English Language Arts, 4 points in Math and 6 points in Social Studies and Science. These minimum subscores add to 14 points; therefore a student must obtain at least 4 more points across all 7 exams.

Students studying Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in biology, American history or American government may take and substitute test scores for end-of-course state exams to avoid double testing. Students also may substitute grades from College Credit Plus courses in these science and social studies subjects for end-of-course state exams.

Option 2 – Industry credential and workforce readiness

Students earn 12 points through a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and achieve a workforce readiness score on the WorkKeys assessment. The state of Ohio will pay one time for those who take the WorkKeys assessment.

Option 3 – College Admission Test

Students earn “remediation-free” scores in English language arts and mathematics on a nationally recognized college admission exam. The state of Ohio will pay one time for all 11th grade students in the classes of 2018 and beyond to take the exam free of charge.

Graduation Requirements for Valley View Students Who Attend the Miami Valley Career Technology Center:

Students must earn 22 credits as follows: English (4 credits); Social Studies (3 credits); Math (4 credits); Science (3 credits); Health (.5 credit); Physical Education (.5 credit). Students must complete specific course requirements as established by the MVCTC for specific programs and they must earn other electives to total at least 22 credits. Class of 2018 and beyond must meet the State of Ohio End of Course Exam (AIR assessment) requirements as explained in Option 1 under Curriculum Requirements (see above).

Honors Classes

Valley View students may be exposed to more challenging academic work by enrolling in honors and advanced placement courses. Credit will be assigned as per board policy. For the class of 2019 honors classes will be weighted.

Honors Diploma

In order to qualify for an Honors Diploma, students must meet the following criteria: Successful completion of all local district requirements; Complete college preparatory curriculum; Complete all but one of the criteria for Honors Diploma (see Guidance Counselors for those criteria).

Honor Roll/High Honor Roll

To be eligible for the Honor Roll a student must have a GPA of 3.25 for the first quarter, and have a “C” or better in all courses used to calculate the Honor Roll. Students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher will be on the High Honor Roll.

Guidance Department

If you have any questions about graduation credits, college or career planning, scheduling classes, College Credit Plus, grade cards, scholarships, GED, summer school, or any personal concerns, you are invited to see your Guidance Counselor.